Recycled Kitchen Roll Holder

About: I love craft, specially recycling and creating low cost objects of daily use.

An easy to make no cost kitchen roll holder for your kitchen. 

Step 1: Material Required:

- 1 cylindrical wooden stick
- a rectangular piece of hardboard/plywood
- a nail
- hammer
- 2 wires that can be twisted (I pulled the wires from old calendars)
- a hard sticker or some other small flat decorative piece ( I have used a butterfly made out of hardboard)
- White glue
- Paint (Any color)
- aluminium foil(optional)

Step 2: Prepare Base

Mark at the center of the rectangular cardboard piece and fix it at one end of cylindrical wooden stick with the help of nail and hammer.

Step 3: Add Wire

Twist a wire around the wooden rod at the bottom and give it the shape as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Add Other Wire and Paint

Repeat step 3 with another wire on opposite side. Stick a CD at the back side of the rectangular piece at the bottom such that the shining surface is downwards
You can stick the wires at the bottom using tape to make them more stable. Then Paint the whole structure with any color of your choice.

Step 5: Final Touches

Cover the wires with aluminium foil. Then place the other CD in the wooden rod such that the shining surface is upwards.
Stick the sticker on one of the wires.

Your kitchen roll holder is ready. Slide the roll in and VOILA !
You can also hang the holder on a wall using the wire on which there is no sticker.



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    Amazing use of easily avaliable items to make something useful. Good job, keep it up