Recycled Leather Hair Barrette



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Hair is the crown of the head. It's nice to decorate this crown from time to time with nice hair clip. To create this hair barrette I used my old leather belt. I hate to throw out leathers as there are always nice ideas to recycled them ;-)

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make Copper Stick to Hair Barrette?

You need:

  1. copper wire
  2. flat nose pliers
  3. marker
  4. nail file

Step 2: How to Make Copper Stick to Hair Clip?

see photos


You can use bamboo chopsticks

Step 3: What Do You Need to Make Leather Barrette?

You need:

  1. leather belt or other fabric
  2. leather puncher
  3. scissors

Step 4: How to Make Leather Barrette?

see photos


add copper stick and leather barrette is ready! (photo 2)

Step 5: How to Make Designs on Leather ? How to Emboss Leather?

It's optional

before you start put leather to hot water for 5 min., it will make it more soft and make it more easier to cut patterns on it
with the help of nail and cuticle trimmer cut pattern of your choice

Step 6: Optional

paint it , add beads, zircons or brads

have fun !

Step 7: How Ready Leather Hair Barrette Looks Like?

here you can see how I finished it,

it holds perfect on hair !

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