Recycled Lightbulb Vase



Introduction: Recycled Lightbulb Vase

This is an instructable to recycle and reuse old lightbulbs. Once a lightbulb goes gets fused they normally go waste and have to be thrown away. I've re-purposed them converted them into vases for my money plant! They look beautiful and are super easy to make.

Step 1: Materials

1 old light bulb





Safety goggles and gloves

Step 2: Safety and Preparations

Since we'll be dealing with glass here, safety is of paramount importance!
wear the safety goggles and gloves to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Clean the bulb and hold it tightly using a carboard grip or gloves itself.

Step 3: Removing the Knobs at the Base

Using the pliers pull out the knobs at the base of the bulb. It may take a little bit of force but they do come out.
The bulb i've used has a 'bayonet' type of base. for bulbs with a screw type of base this step is not required.

Step 4: Pulling Out the Soldering

Now using the pliers again pull out the silver soldering at the bottom of the base of the bulb. they would also require a little force but they do come out easily.

Step 5: Clearing the Base

Now using your screwdriver start chipping and breaking the black glass base of the bulb.

Be gentle while doing this, the black glass here is thick, but easily breaks off.

Step 6: Hollowing the Bulb

Using the screwdriver slowly start break the inside part of the bulb where the filament is located. Hold the bulb with a tight grip, but not too tight or else the glass itself will break. Be patient while doing this.
Once the inside is broken it should easily slide out!

Step 7: You're Done!

Voila! the bulb is empty! Wash the bulb once to remove all broken glass pieces. Rub the sandpaper around the base of the bulb to smoothen out all sharp edges and prevent any cuts.
Now pass a thick thread through the holes so that we can hang the bulb!
I've put a money plant in the bulb and put water in it. It now hangs nicely in my room!

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