Recycled Mushroom Lamp




Introduction: Recycled Mushroom Lamp


1. Tissue: It seems such a waste to throw away tissue after drying hands on it. Collect it for a few days then it will be enough.

2. Tracing paper: It will be easy to make lamp if you use tracing paper but not necessary. You need just a few sheets of it so I recommend to use.

3. Clay

4. Glue: ELMER'S glue all

5. Fabric: You can use any useless clothes or fabric.

6. Wood stick: Any broken wooden tools or even branch. But I visited a wood shop near my house and asked remains to get regular sticks. I recommend you visit a wood shop if you can.

7. Board: Need a thickness of about 2~3 centimeters.

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Step 1: Step1. Lamp Shade

At first, make mushroom shape with clay and keep it under dark and dry place to dry it. It takes about 12 hours so finish it in advance.

You can choose between two types of paper mache...



I used both of two types of mache but actually it's fine whether you use both or not.

Spread mache evenly on mushroom shaped clay and dry it by hair dryer.

After entirely drying it, break the clay carefully to prevent damaging shade and get rid of pieces of broken clay.

Step 2: Step 2. Body Part

It's hard to make natural round shape with only wood sticks so you need fabric.

Attach sticks regularly on fabric with glue and connect two ends then it will be a open cylinder.

Cut board in circular shape which has same diameter with cylinder make of fabric and wood sticks.

!! Don't forget make a hole on the board in advance for LED wire !!

Spread glue around side of the board and put the board into the cylinder like the photo attached.

Hold it for a few minute until it's entirely dried then cylinder will be fixed and stand on the ground stably.

Step 3: Step 3. Final

Now you have a shade and body part.

Lastly you need to fix shade on cylinder.

Cut board into circular shape again but this time make it larger than the base side of cylinder but smaller than shade.

Make a hole on the board which is larger than LED wire but smaller than light bulb to fix the bulb in the air.

Make another hole which have 1 centimeter depth and same diameter with cylinder to fix shade on cylinder.

Attach shade and board with glue, and put the shade on cylinder.

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