Recycled Napkins With Canister




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Recycled Napkins with Canister

Cardboard cylinder (Grit or Oatmeal box)
T-shirts sheets, other fabric
Map, Craft paper or Contact paper
Glue, gel medium
Scissors, box cutter, exacto
Cut map to fit can. Use paper from cylinder for pattern, be sure to over lap edges.  Glue on’ pay special attention to edges especially on heavy materials. Match glue to material heavy fabric needs stronger glue.  Cut hole in top, this size depends on size and thickness of napkins.  A circle can be difficult a triangle is easier.  Start with a small size and adjust as needed for handkerchief sized pulls.
Cut shirt down and cut into small squares.   I like 8x8.  You can adjust squares to the size of your t-shirts and needs.  The squares can be plan or embellished.  The beauty of the t-shirt is it will not ravel or fray at he ends.  Bright colored shirts make great wipes.
Lay squares overlapping corner to corner and fold group together roll up from bottom.  Place inside tube pull last square out of hole.  Walla you are ready to wipe, dust and clean up messes.  The towels can be rewashed or tossed if the mess is too gross! Keep old shirts on hand to refill canister.  Make a canister for every room and decorate them to match.  Your imagination is the limit.
Tubes can be lined with fabric, paper or painted.  I suggest paper or fabric for a clean look. The label for the can removed and pinned on chosen fabric makes a perfect pattern.  Use the best glue for the material used.  Use heavier glue for heavy material.
Shirts should be cut from the neckline and seams to leave large clean pieces of fabric. These can be cut to size 8x8, 12x12 etc.  Each sheet can be embroidered, sewn stamped.  The choices are endless.  Have fun and don’t go over board because they can be reused or disposable. 

I will doing one craft every week for the next year.  I look forward to sharing I hope you like what you see.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea of formal paper. Mmmm. That's a good idea.


    you could put your toilet paper rolls in it so your fancy toilet paper is not naked