Recycled Newspaper Box With Hidden Drawer





Introduction: Recycled Newspaper Box With Hidden Drawer

Last year my preoccupation was recycling newspapers. I have made many items like plates, bowls, boxes, picture frames, lampshades and some other stuffs.

For now I decide to present to you this one: “Recycled newspaper box with hidden drawer”.

I hope the there will be more intractables like this one in the future.

I start to making box to organize my remote controls on the coffee table, but in the process of designing I add a hidden drawer, as you can see on the photo.

Step 1: Preparing the Parts of the Box

Starting with rolling newspaper tubes.

Cut them to size you want.

Apply glue, then piece of newspaper to bind them.

On the rear side tubes are glued perpendicular to reinforce the piece.

One tube less on the left or right side and shorter for a thickness of the tube. This is made for easier assembling the parts.

Step 2: Assembling

Glue three sides parts with middle one.

Now glue tubes on the bottom of the box.

Glue the upper part of the side with hidden drawer.

On the corners put vertical tubes to cover tubs endings.

See if the drawer front is correct dimension.

Measure the drawer hole and construct the inside part of the drawer. Put the inside part in place and glue the front of the drawer.

Finishing touches – cover tubs endings on the top of the box.

I hope you will like this box.



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    9 Discussions

    I love this. You might mention that using old newspapers (2 or 3 weeks old) will prevent the ink from coming off on your hands.

    2 replies

    Thanks for the good remark but here in Macedonia where I live, it doesn't matter how old are the newspapers the ink is coming on your hands anyway.

    I do think it doesn't matter how old are they :) I have done some other projects with newspaper rolls and you finish with ink on your hands.


    1 year ago

    These would be absolutely beautiful made with magazine pages.

    Very very spiffy! Adding this to my fun to-do list... Thanks for the post!

    I love the hidden drawer!!!

    Very nice.

    Put this somewhere in my head for when I find time (well I decide it is the time) to make it. I have some boxes to "dress".