Recycled Old Flip Flop With 3 Uses Style Without Sewing!!!




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Recycled your old broken flip flop easily without sewing!!!

You don't need to spend money to buy a new one, with your old flip flop you can make it more beautiful with less money :)


Step 1: Get Your Old Broken Flip Flop

Get your old broken flip flop.

Materials: Stretchable Fabric


Sharp object (pencil/nail)

Soldering iron or Hammer and nail

Safety Gloves :)

Step 2: Cleaning!!!

Get a bowl with water, rinse your flip plop with detergent soap then rinse with clean water

Step 3: Drying

Let your Flip flop dry with the heat of the sun :)

(but you can also wipe it with clean rag)

Step 4: Take a Piece of Fabric

Take a piece of fabric with your desired color, the fabric must be stretchable :)

Step 5: Cutting!

Cut the fabric into 6 pieces ( 3 pieces each side) :)

Step 6: Set the Flip Flop

Get your flip flop and cut the v shape then lay your feet to trace your size.

Step 7: Tie!!!

Get the 3 pieces fabric and tie the tip.

Step 8: Putting the Fabric Into the Flip Flop

Turn back your flip flop then get the tied fabric and put it into the hole use a sharp object to push the fabric (i used a pencil :)) and turn it around to pull the fabric.

Step 9: Braid

Braid the fabric into half of your feet then tie.

Step 10: Assembling

1st. Mark the strap using a nail and hammer.

2nd. Make a hole on the strap of flip flop both side by using a soldering iron or nail and hammer (i used soldering iron) don't make a large hole.

3rd. Put the left piece of fabric into the hole and push it with a sharp object (i used a nail) and pull the fabric.

4th. Connect the fabric in the right strap (same method in the 2nd assembling).

5th. Take the right piece of fabric and tie together with the left fabric.

note: Be careful of using soldering iron/nail and hammer ,use a safety gloves to avoid injury :)

Step 11: The Middle One

-Take the middle fabric (the red one).

- wide and cut it in the middle.

- take the strip in the bottom.

- tie.

-cut the excess.

Step 12: Design Your Flip Flop :)

- make a ribbon on the top.

- make a stripe each side of strap.

- make an ankle strap .

Enjoy!!! Thank you :))



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    calico cat

    2 years ago

    Three new styles! Wow-zer! Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful ideas, d1yenyen!

    1 reply
    d1yenyencalico cat

    Reply 2 years ago

    oh thank you for appreciating my ideas :)) have a wonderful day !!


    yes.. i really want to do something more beautiful than to buy a new one. Thank you so much :))