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Introduction: Recycled Old Speaker


I had to many old speakers at home and would like to convert them in a compact mobile phone amplifier.

For this project you need :

_ Two old speakers free

_ AC/DC 12V 3A 6$

_ PAM8610 amplifier 6$

_ Jack cable 2$

_ main cable reused free

So all of it for less than 15$ and a bit of time.

Step 1: Amplifier

I used the PAM8610 board for amplifier.

It is a 12V 2x10W Amplifier and not 15W as said on the seller website.

10W @ 10%THD/Channel Output into a 8Ω Load at 13V

Low Noise: -90dB

Over 90% Efficiency

With Shutdown/Mute/Fade Function

Over Current , Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection

Pop Noise Suppression

To improve it I add a 4700uF cap on the 12Vdc input, and you can change the cap output to MKP instead of X7R.

Step 2: AC/DC 12V

To supply the amplifier I used a 12V 3A output AC/DC converter.

12V * 3A = 30W so it will be ok for the 2 * 10W output of PAM8610.

I never used the AC/DC at full power to avoid pushing it to much.

On top of that you can add a main 220V filter to protect it.

Step 3: Assembly

I removed the old speaker from the first cabinet and add it to the other one.

I drill too holes on the right face of the cabinet, one for the tweeter and one for the subwoofer.

I solder a switch between the AC/DC converter and the main cable 220V, and connect the 12V AD/DC output to the PAM8610 12V input. I connect both speakers Right and Left to the amplifier, and finaly a jack input.

I add a loud noise from the amplifier so i connect the earth(not neutral) to the ground amplifier, and noise desappear.

Step 4: Result

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I am not sure i understand correct :(

    Let me explain. I have 4 Ohm speakers. One 60W and second 40W. 60W i intend to left channel and 40W to right channel output.

    Will be Ok? I will use 12V 3A DC power suupply


    Reply 2 years ago

    The PAM8610 is a 2*10W with 8Ohm and 2*15W with 4Ohm speakers(with heatsink on chip to evacuate the heat).

    There is no probleme to have 40W speaker on right and 60W on left beacause the max power is 15W, so the speaker will have plenty of head room.



    2 years ago


    do you use different power on both speakres?

    Is there any danger for amplifier to burn it?


    Reply 2 years ago


    I use only one amplifier for both speaker( 2*10W @ 8Ohm).

    Speakers are 8Ohm and there is no probleme at all, if you add 8Ohm speaker in parallele you will divide by two the impedance, so 4Ohm. You will have some probleme if the equivalent resistor of your speakers are to low.