Recycled PVC Seven Segment Display




Introduction: Recycled PVC Seven Segment Display

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i have been planning on making a digital clock i can hang on my wall for some time now but i kept putting it of because i just did not want to buy acrylic so i used some leftover PVC cable ducts and i have to say the results ar not that bed so lets get to it

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Step 1: Material and Tools

the first thing your going to need is about 24 inches of PVC duct

28 leds

and some wires

the tools your going to need are

hot glue gun (and hot glue)

soldering iron (and solder)


and drill(and wood drill bits)

Step 2: Measure Once Cut Twice ;)

now its time to cut the PVC duct make sure your measurements are correct the first time around to save time

measure peaces if 4,5 inches (or 11.5mm if that's your preferred unit of measurement )

since your already measuring might as wall do the ones for the leds

the space i used for my leds is 1,5" (this includes the space between peaces)

if your going to buy the PVC ducts you can get them to cut it for you for free (well it depends if they offer that service

also don't forget to drill a whole on the side of the PVC duct to allow you to join the top middle and bottom leds together

Step 3: The Drilling

now comes the most repetitive part you have to drill 28 for the leds i used wood drill bits because iot has that pointy tip that stops it from moving around and ruining my accuracy

also if you want to cut you drilling time in half clamp one on top of the other (came of to that after i was done)

Step 4: Soldamo Iones

time to solder the leds together remember to prototype you don't want to be stuck with an led that dose not work

bend the leds solder them together test them to make sure they are put in that correct way polarity wise

Step 5: Hooking Up

since this is a common cathode setup solder all the cathodes together then add a wire to the anodes repeat this for all the digits

then for durability sake it is a goo idea to hot glue the leds in place and the digits together if you don't feel this will be good enough you can use PVC cement

and if you did eveything correct your end product will look like this

now that your done you can can use your arduino to control the display

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat display :)