Recycled Pallet Bar (AT NO COST)

Introduction: Recycled Pallet Bar (AT NO COST)

About: i am a bush boy and enjoy working with wood or anything old. recycling or re using old station objects is something i do on the holidays for extra money. if you have anything for me to try, gimme an email at...

What you will need:

  • a few pallets
  • the original nails from the pallets (if they are still good to use)
  • Your choice of material on top

When i saw a photo of a Pallet bar, i thought that i might have a go at that myself. so i did, i grabbed the few brand new pallets we had left over after doing lick runs.

Step 1 - Pulling the Recycled material apart

When i pulled it apart, i used a hammer and flat chisel to spread the nail apart a bit. then i used a tire jack to pull them off the pallet struts.

Don't throw away the struts, you will have to use the struts for supports of the bar frame (unless you wanna buy your own)

Step 2 - Making the Front and Sides

When making the front or sides, you must make sure they are evenly spread apart. I used the width of a plank to get the perfect gap. you place it between to planks and nail the planks onto the struts, The sides are basically the same but i cut 2 struts in half and made 4 1/2 struts to make the rectangle shape. when nailing the front and sides make sure a strut is at the very top so you have something to nail the bar top to. i also had one about mid way and put in a shelf.

Step 3 - Sanding the sometimes 'dirty pallet planks'

if you want it to come up real nice, i would sand it all down before even worrying about the top. it was hard to sand it when i put the top on first.

Step 4 - The bar top

You can use whatever material you want, i used some Silky oak from the shearing shed and it turned out really dark and smooth. I put nails through the top struts and i recommend not lifting the bar by the top because it could come apart. :(

Step 5 - Sanding the Top

Because you have already sanded the front and sides, you just have to sand the top and then you can do as you please with the bar.

I oiled the bar with linseed oil. it came up nice and smooth but i would recommend doing something different. try Polyuethane.

I hope this may keep you active for a while. it took me a few days because i was a bit lazy.

Happy Building,


Wade Forster

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I'd love st see more pictures of the build process if you have them.