Recycled Pallets Used for Tomato Trellis.




I took old pallets and made some tomato trellis for easy maintaining and climbing capabilities. It did not take long to construct and should be very helpful in keeping tomatoes up off the ground. Hope you enjoy and use our idea. I still have to make a few more.

I had got my pallets from a farm supply company and had some longer ones that disc mowers came in for the long pieces which I ripped in half on the table saw. The uprisers are just standard four foot pallet boards screwed together at an angle. If you don't have access to the longer pallets like I did, thats fine yours will just be a little shorter. Just put them side by side for the length you desire. I have three 24' rows to do. So far I made enough for half of my tomatoes. I like my tomatoes :)



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    From the first picture of the Tomatoes to right now in this picture you can see how much the tomatoes have grown. The trellis is working pretty darn good folks I would suggest it. Protects them against hard winds too :D this was all old pallets just ripped in half by a table saw.


    So far this is how far I am on them :D still need to do one more for the last row of tomatoes!