Recycled Paper Box / Bowl




Introduction: Recycled Paper Box / Bowl

The box is made of recycled paper. The paper box is strong enough to carry the things. We can use this as gift boxes. It looks beautiful and gorgeous for gifts to carry without gift wrappers.

Let's see the step by step make-up of the box.

For this we only need

  • Newspaper / Used Paper
  • Glue
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Long sandwich toothpick

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Step 1: Roll to Make Long Tubes

  • Cut long strips of newspaper / A4 sheets by folding horizontally in half and cut into sections.
  • I used long sandwich toothpicks for rolling the tubes.
  • Place the toothpick on a corner of the paper, start rolling.
  • This will give you a long tube.
  • When you reach the end smear on a small amount of glue to secure in place.
  • While rolling you may get few tubes with one end slightly narrower than other.
  • It doesn't matter since we will be rolling the tubes again.

Hint: I choose white color, you can color it your choice.

Step 2: Roll to Make Circles

  • Roll the tubes from the end into circle of desired size.
  • You need 12 circles of same size.

Step 3: Make Squares and Circles

  • Place the circle on cardboard and measure the sides for square.
  • I got 3.5 cm square.
  • Cut the cardboard into squares, roll the tubes around the cardboard square to form the 12 rolled square pieces.
  • Roll the tubes into 1 big circle about 9 cm diameter.
  • Secure the end and let it dry.
  • Now push it from center slightly, which will give the layered bell like structure.
  • Coat it with glue.

Like small circle outer square, make the square for the big circle.

Step 4: Paste Circles With Squares

  • Now paste all circles to their squares.
  • Make a small triangle and paste it above the big circle and the box cover is ready.

Step 5: Paste Squares Together

  • Paste 4 square together for base and 2 square together for sides.
  • Secure it with rolled tubes along the sides of it.
  • Coat it with the glue and let it dry.

Step 6: Make the Structure

  • Paste the 4 sides to the base.
  • Apply glue generously to make the structure strong.
  • The box size is 12 cm.
  • By adjusting the outer square we can get the same size cover.

Step 7: Finally Enjoy Unique Paper Bowl / Box.....

Now our recycled paper container is ready. You can store Green tea packets, jewels, and makeup sets. We can use this as gift box. Give this as gift too.

Enjoy making Easy and Unique paper bowl / box.

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    3 years ago

    I for one like this it is quite Shabby Chic and I have been trying to make these paper roses for some time now without any luck. The person that designed this is very artsy-crafty, and I think the box is" BEAUTIFUL".