Recycled Pig



About: We are an association to promotes reduction in waste of resources. We also send donated recycled items to third world countries.

In this instructable you will be making a pig sculpture from large used container.

You will need:

- used round container with lid,

- 1.5 mm or 2 mm metal wire (about 2 meters in length),

- pliers.

The container in the photos was used to store Kalamata olives.

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Step 1: Make Holes for Front Legs

Hammer in nails to make the holes.

Step 2: Make Holes for Back Legs

Hammer in nails to make the holes.

Step 3: Make Holes for Ears

Hammer in nails to make the holes.

Step 4: Make Hole for Tail

Hammer in nail to make the hole.

Step 5: Increase Holes Size With Scissors

Spin the scissors in clockwise and anticlockwise direction a few times.

Step 6: Make Back Legs and Tail

Put the metal wire through the holes to make the back legs. Spin the two ends metal wire at the top to make the tail. Use pliers.

Step 7: Wind the Tail With Pliers Into Spiral

Wind the tail with pliers into spiral and cut-off at the end.

Step 8: Make Front Legs

Put the metal wire through the holes.

Step 9: Make Ears

Put the metal wire through the holes. After that step you can close the lid.

Step 10: Make the Ears Sharp

Use pliers to squeeze the ears at the end. You are now finished.

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