Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower




How to create a plastic flower out of an old plastic bottle.
This is a 'Hands On' tutorial and has been brought to you by ‘The EVE Estuary Artist Group’ in collaboration with Rachel Kiernan.

Through the process of creating a recycled plastic flower, student will learn the importance of recycling.
Recycling is important for the environment, and creating recycled flowers with students is an excellent way to teach them about protecting the planet.
It is both a creative and rewarding skill to be able to make a beautiful object from materials that you would otherwise throw away.
Student must exercise their own judgment in the composition of their finished piece and must also apply skills such as co-ordination, patience, perseverance, creativity and problem-solving while working on this project.

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    Ma Barley

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Beautifully done instructional video and enlightening concept. Thank you for posting. I will take this idea to some of the poorest of the poor in the Bay Islands and hopefully it will help them make a few dollars from tourists to feed their families. Again...thank you. If you have any ideas to ADD to my endeavour...please share with me!