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Introduction: Recycled Sheet Armrest Cover

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We have an elderly relative who lives with us and enjoys sitting in a favorite spot on the sofa, snacking throughout the day. After a while, the armrest suffers, and typically requires cleaning about once a week or so. We don't want to cover the whole sofa, and have tried various arm rest covers, which usually slip off or don't cover the area sufficiently. Some bothered our elderly SnackMeister's arm because they were rough on her tender skin.

Then recently, some fitted flannel sheets gave up the ghost, tearing while the bed was being changed. They weren't worth patching, worn thin as they were in some places, but we didn't just want to throw them away either. Turns out they make lovely armrest covers!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Sofa (with arms)

Old sheet


Doesn't get much easier than that!

Step 2: Fit to Armrest

Take the fitted end of a bottom sheet and match to your sofa armrest, measuring out anywhere from 3" to 6" of extra material on all sides of the armrest, depending on your sofa and how much you need to cover, and tuck.

Step 3: Cut to Size

Have at it - plaid or striped sheets making cutting easier! Make matching armrest covers from all four fitted corners, for extras when washing the others.

Step 4: Tuck and Tidy

Optionally, you can finish the edges on a sewing machine, for a cleaner look, or even stitch in some elastic around the edges, for that shower cap finish. But this is a quick and easy solution that takes five minutes to make and works well as is.

Just tuck the ends around the arm, pinning if needed or desired, and you've got a nice, soft, washable, arm rest cover that's easy to remove and to replace.

Step 5: Sit, Snack and Enjoy

That's what we told the SnackMeister !

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