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Intro: Recycled Slip-proof Galaxy Rug

If you would like to add little '' outer space'' to your room you will love this idea of making your own galaxy rug. I made it slip-proof so it's safe even for children !


By the way I felt little overwhelmed sitting on this rug and watching ''Gravity'' lol

Step 1: Materials and Tools You Need :

You need:

  1. old black jeans
  2. acrylic paints
  3. brushes
  4. bleach
  5. spray bottle
  6. seam ripper
  7. hot glue gun
  8. comb

Step 2: Fabric

cut ''the legs'' as you can see on photo , upper part can become nice shorts ;-) (photo 1)

with help of hot glue gun glue both parts of the jeans in one piece
you can sew them as well (photo 2)

Step 3: Bleaching

fill the spray bottle with bleach and create galaxy shape with it

Step 4: Painting

put the first layer of white color with the help of sponge or brush (photo 1,2 )

next with the help of comb or / and net splash paint over galaxy and create stars (photo 3 )

with flat brush paint more visible stars (photo 4)

Step 5: How to Secure the Painting ?

iron whole painting and voila :-)

Step 6: Finishing

fray the edges using seam ripper

Step 7: Slip-proof

cut out from slip-proof silicone mat 4 small pieces in heart shape for example, next glue or sew them to all sides of the rug

Step 8: Ready Rug

Voila ! slip-proof galaxy rug is ready, put it on a floor or table or use it as a pad under computer or cover with it chair , couch ...

this rug is just perfect for meditation, to feel the connection with the universe, or reading some fantastic sci fi books like Solaris by Lem ( great book by the way!)

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    1 year ago

    I haven't known them but when I will have even little time I will check them for sure I LOVE sci fi books :-D <3

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    Me too! I even wrote my own military Sci fi novel. I'm actually finished and will self publish on in the next 2 months.

    Wow you really would? So cool. I hope we can stay in touch. Hey my email is: