Recycled, Steampunk Watch




 This DOES NOT WORK. If you have a broken watch and 30-45 minutes you can steampunk it, and give it as a gift. This is meant for a shelf, because it does not tell time. Also, I made this with rck_mtn_climber.

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Step 1: Parts

pliers / wire cutters
broken watch
hot glue gun
silver and gold paint

Step 2: Remove the Wrist Straps

 Just pull 'em off

Step 3: Take Off Dial

 use pliers to pull the dial off ( it may take some strength)

Step 4: Remove Back Covering

 im not exactly sure how we did this so sorry

Step 5: Remove Outer Edge

 pry this off. 

note: if your watch does not have this then you can paint on the gold ring at the end.

Step 6: Remove Glass Covering and Clock

 If you pry off the glass cover, the clock and some other parts will fall out.

Step 7: Add Screw for Dial

 if you were paying attention earlier and read the notes then this is the random screw. Just screw it in, but leave some hanging out.

Step 8: Fixing Up, and Adding the Section on the Front

 The clock's hands should have been removed. On the back of the watch, there will be this battery section. Use the pliers and more strength to remove the odd shape in the center. Cut the dial where the threads end. Then place the battery section and the dial over the center of the clock face. Add hot glue. Let sit.

Step 9: The Two Other Screws

 Screw two screws into the top where the wrist straps were.

Step 10: Putting the Wires On

 Cut off some wire and wrap it around the two screws we put on in step 9. Coil some more wire and hot glue it around the watch. Look at the pictures for more detailed instructions.

Step 11: Painting

 Paint the main body silver and the back and outer rings gold.

Step 12: Finishing

 Place the clock, the back, and the outer ring back on the main body.

Step 13: Finishing Touches

 FIx up the paint, and whatever else if you need to. If you don't need to then you're done.

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Someone once said "you can't just stick screws on something and call it Steampunk". That aside, what aspects of this make it "steam-" as opposed to "cyber-" (which it looks more like)?


    4 replies

    9 years ago on Introduction

     Im not sure how many on this side of the pond understand the steampunk style or its rules, I know I don't. I do however enjoy the creations. While this construction may not qualify as steampunk I think the "ible" itself is well done with lots of clear pics showing each step (ok some not so clear but what the heck..) I DO consider this a form of recycle sculpture and while it stands on its own it would be really cool incorporated into a larger project

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    ok... i was bored, had some time and a broken watch soooo i dont really care