Recycled Stool

Introduction: Recycled Stool

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This chair from my kids room had seen better days and it landed up in the garage to be dismantled & trashed.

Now, as a compulsive recycler I just hated to throw the piece away.

So, I decided to convert it into a stool that we could use in other room needing on-demand seating for visitors esp., for the gaming friends to huddle up.

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Step 1: Removing the Top

It turned out to be fairly straight-forward and easy to remove the top. Holding the top piece and the rolling base was this plate and 4 screws.

Step 2: Sourcing Softwood Tabletop

The old pinewood top from the kids room, I thought, was the right candidate for the job.

Using a makeshift circle cutting jig I cut out three 16" dia circles

- Two sourced from the pine tabletop.

- And one from a 1/2" birch plywood.

Thought of adding in the 1/2" plywood for strength and proofing a bit against abuse.

Step 3: Mounting the Top

Routed the edges with the 1-1/4" radius round over edging router bit .

Guess it turned out pretty good.

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    Ricardo Furioso
    Ricardo Furioso

    1 year ago

    Simple. Smart. Sensible. Recycled. Great Instructable. Thank you.

    Nice repair job. You should enter this into the Fix It contest that is currently running.