Recycled Waterproof Biking Survival Safe




Introduction: Recycled Waterproof Biking Survival Safe

After taking a tumble on a mountain ride I realised how screwed I would be if I was alone; no phone, no radio, no warmth.

Everyone knows it is very difficult to always be prepared when the unforeseen becomes seen. That's why I thought of turning my old, broken and long-been-replaced bike-light into a handy, waterproof bike safe for matches or anything else that could help.


It is designed to be attached to a bike! Designed to be water resistant! Discrete enough to have on your bike at all times and none will notice! Peace in mind when tackling the hardest mountains. It could be that you are very prepared for such a disaster when packing your bag you want it to be clutter free and light; and the one thing you forget to always the most important! With this safe you utilize something you may want to throw-out and gives you peace of mind when out and about!

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Step 1: Find Your Light

If you are a keen biker you probably have a few 'back-up' bike torches which are somewhere at the back of a draw and you might of got from the 99pence store. They work really well....for about 5 minutes then they decide not to work (primarily due to cheap electrics). So instead of throwing it away try your hand at this!

They can be found in most stores that have a anything to do with biking, but I am willing to bet you have one or two lying around.

After you've found one, just play around with it, they usually screw apart (which is good because they are more likely to be water resistant this way). Mine was a simple unscrew and pull out.

If your feeling electrical you can use the LEDs & battery connectors for another project:)

Step 2: If It Fits, It Sits

Now you have your safe you can see what size things you can fit into it,

I have a small box of matches that would be invaluable in a survival situation. Don't forget that if you pack matches you'll need the strike pad on the box...that would be an awful situation.

Things like a small lighter would also fit. Or even disposable latex/nitrile gloves would also fit comfortably for those times that your chain decides to misbehave and your hands get caked in oil trying to put it back on.

If it's small enough it can be packed and you don't need to think about it as it sits on your bike out of sight.

Step 3: Pimp It

It would look rather silly having an obvious looking bike light on your bike, pointing the wrong way and making you look the fool, so get creative.

Decorating isn't my strong suit so the best I could do was black&red. But you can paint it anyway you'd like. Paint it the same as your bike! or your favourite colour! Even steampunk it up!.

Step 4: Find the Right Mounting Spot

I've found that you can put the torch anywhere!

The mounting point is designed for a range of thickness's.

I've found that in the frame of the bike is best for mountian biking as it is nicely tucked out of the way and can survive many bumps and jumps. For serious mountain biking it is possible to tie the safe onto the frame using cable ties which will be very rugged and give better peace of mind.

Another good spot to attach is underneath the saddle! It's out of the way and there are plenty of places to attach it.

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    5 years ago

    Awesome idea. I have a couple Mini Mag lights that I have converted to storage like this. Even lucky enough to find a magnifying glass that fit in the lenses area.