Recycled Wood Window Table

Introduction: Recycled Wood Window Table

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This is a table I made as a gift designed to fit under a window to give plants some light.  The unique thing about this table is all the wood used came from a collapsed barn in Kokomo Indiana.  I have no idea how old it is but the picture shows what kind of shape it was in when I got it.  If I understand this contest correctly, its not necessarily an instructable, but rather pictures of something I've made.  The build process consisted of taking boards that were relatively straight and laminating the edges together.  Then I hand planed it flat and rubbed it with tung oil.  

The upper portion is supported by two wine bottles and tensioned tight  This project was inspired in part by the "Green Tea Modular Shelving" Project.

The legs are removable and shown is a my proof of concept for the method of attaching the legs.  It's a very sturdy connection and allows the whole table to be collapsed into a much smaller area.

It's my first wood working project and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  It was made over a period of about a month because I'm a full time student graduating this May, so I fit it in whenever I had a few extra hours.

 The colors in these photos don't do it justice but I could take some great pictures with a brand new camera....

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