Recycled Wooden Box Chest

Introduction: Recycled Wooden Box Chest

About: DIYer and enthusiast of everything. I have been tinkering with a variety of things since my childhood, from simple electronics to workshop and audiovisual.

One day I was returning home when I found a wooden box laying on the walkway. It was going to the trash with some office litter. This very moment I though I could make something useful from it, and them I get it back home, put some hinges and screws and them a new chest has been born! Gonna post the end result soon.


This chest ended up as many ideas during all these years like a TV stand, tools chest, PC case, isolated grow chamber, wardrobe, desk and a work station. It's one of the most versatile pieces of furniture I have.

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    I am happy I found your DIY site. I am , by far, not a woodworker, but I want a "coffee table" like box and have lockable, hidden storage for my guns. Thieves got my collection. Starting over with an eye on safety.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looking forward to seeing it! I found something like this, made a monitor stand out of it.