Recycled and Doodled Tin Candle

Introduction: Recycled and Doodled Tin Candle

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Candle making is a craft therapy. If you combine it with your favorite essential oils and doodles, it makes one-of-a-kind pretty gift.

I've been collecting way too many Preserved Food Tins and Tuna Cans and it was time that I put them into a good use.

So, I combined all of the ideas of recycling the tuna cans, candle making, and doodling.

Step 1: How to - Tin Candle From Tuna Cans

I made this DIY Tin Candle with 3 wicks since the cans are wide and 1 wick wouldn’t be enough to evenly melt the candle. You can alter this depending on the size of your cans. If you are good at doodling, then pick a theme to doodle around the outer surface of the can. This Doodle Terracotta Pot proves my love for doodling so this time I picked my favorite underwater ocean theme and chose to draw crab, fish, corals, shells, and starfishes, etc…

Click the video above to learn how to make this 3 wicks candle that has been recycled and doodled.

Step 2:

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