Recycled Bottle Tops to Seal (preserve)open Plastic Packets





Introduction: Recycled Bottle Tops to Seal (preserve)open Plastic Packets

Last month I came across a random Facebook picture ( the kind that circulates itself through friends’ walls and you glance at it, maybe hit a like button, and then move on forgetting all about it 30 seconds later ) and fell in love with it. This one had a sliced off bottle cap sealing an open plastic bag.

Its very useful while surviving.

it is important to seal food packet after using it will be useful method.

Step 1: Material

You need:

Used plastic bottles Sharp,

heavy scissors

A Kitchen towel or soft cloth

Step 2:

Wash and dry the bottle.

Using the scissors, make a puncture about 1-2″ from the ring.

Slide the scissor in into the puncture and cut it out in a circle.

Step 3:

Slice the top of the plastic bag neatly.

Step 4:

Gather the folds and insert the ring, and pull up the ends creating a ‘neck’.

Step 5:

Seal the cap tight. You might have to push it down a bit to make the cap onto the ring.

Step 6:


For thicker plastics, it’s wiser to use sturdy bottle caps with a wide mouth – like a juice bottle. For thin plastics, you can use water bottle caps. If the plastic is too stiff, then transfer to a more pliable bag, like a bread plastic bag, and then use the cap method to seal it.

Step 7:

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    DAAAAAYUM!!! I have to try this right now, its so cool!

    I really liked this idea! I cut up a Poland Springs (1.5 gal) top and used it on my Cheerios bag! Loved it and the whole bag stayed fresh until it was empty! Thanks for Sharing, I really thought it worked great! Amy Pond

    2 replies

    core you got bendy back digits thats amazing ! sorry i was distracted .great idea i will adopt it thanks for sharing>.

    ya its very useful

    can be used while camping

    1 reply

    I love this trick! I'm going to try this tonight.

    I'm thinking a paper clip...chip-clip would do the job