Recycled Greenhouse in 30 Minutes




Introduction: Recycled Greenhouse in 30 Minutes

If you have a small garden our living in a apartment lets make a grenhouse without cost with recycled water bottles (plastic).

Large plastic bottle (0$)
Small plastic bottles (0$)
Blade (had already)
Seeds (collected during walks in the countryside - 0$)
Topsoil (had already)
Labels (small papers - 0$)

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Step 1: Preparation of Large Bottle of Water

In a large plastic bottles, in the bottom chose the place to drill two small holes.

Then with a blade start cutting the top through the middle of the two open holes, but cut only to near the cap.

Step 2: Preparation of Small Water Bottles

Cut into half the small water bottles so that they are all at the same approximate height.

At the bottom of each make small cuts or holes to allow drainage.

Reserve the bottom.

Step 3: Prepare the Soil

Select the seeds you want to cultivate.
Fill the bottoms of small bottles with appropriate topsoil.
Wet abundantly the topsoil.
With a small stick, create a hole with a depth of 2/3 in relation to the total height of topsoil.
Place the seeds and labeling.

Step 4: Finished

Place the new nursery pots inside the greenhouse made in step 1.

Close the lid with the aid of a small tie to prevent the entry of small animals.
Put greenhouse in a place exposed to the sun.
If there is too much condensation to remove the vent cap.

Wait 30 days to start seeing the seeds to germinate.


Step 5:

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, you're right, after 60 days, the plants no longer fit in the greenhouse and you have to find another solution.
    You can use the large plastic bottle placed vertically, but each will only give 3 plants .... which means having many large plastic bottles !!!
    The solution that I have had is to change the germinated seedlings into larger pots and place them in a sheltered area.
    When they are more robust, 3-4 months later, put them in the garden.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea for starting seeds! Any ideas as far as bigger plastic container you could graduate your sprouted plants to? I'm guessing it doesn't take too long for the plants to outgrow the large water bottle housing. I'm great at starting plants, but our dry CA weather ruins things quickly when they're out in the open.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Additional notes;
    Large bottle of water with 5L
    Small bottles of 0.5L
    Each time you drink a small bottle, can become a nursery pot
    Ideal to make with children after hunting seed in the countryside.