Recycled Harness (hot Things to Do With Old Bike Tube)




Introduction: Recycled Harness (hot Things to Do With Old Bike Tube)

Have you ever gotten sticker shock when you saw the price tag on that
harness that you saw in the store? Yup, I mean the kind of harnesses that us queer and kinky folk us when we want a little strap on action. Maybe it's time to learn how to make
your own. Btw, there's nothing explicit here, it's what you do with your toys that's a little on the rowdy side.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

You will need:
One hammer
One pointy tool (knife or awl)
snap setter
snap setting anvil

Step 2: Anvil

This is the avil, the smooth side is for the round part of the snaps you will be setting. The other side is for setting the snap that interlocks with that snap.

Step 3: Gather Materials

You need
One two inch side release buckle
Four One inch side release buckles
One steel ring whatever size bust fits the toys you usually use. Mine is a two inch.
At least six pairs of snaps. You are likely to mess some up so have extras.
Nine or ten rivets. (you can use snaps here too, but since you don't need to adjust these points, I used rivets.
One skinny used bike tube
One fat bike tube.

Step 4: Snaps

These are your snaps. The first picture is the smooth side pair which you set using the sooth side of the anvil in step three. The second picture is the opposite pair which you set using the side of the anvil in picture two of step three. I promise I will get to the construction details in a moment.

Step 5: How to Set Snaps

To set snaps, you will poke a hole through the materials to be joined and inset the snap post through the hole. Lay the top part of the snap on over the post and put the whole thing on the proper side of the anvil as illustrated in 3 and 5. Place the setting tool on top of the post with the nubbin down and centered. Hit the anvil with the hammer as needed until the snap is secure.

Step 6: Cut and Assemble the Butt Straps.

Cut two twenty one inch strips of thin tube. Set one pair of snaps into the end of the two straps as illustrated. Slide buckles on opposite end.

Step 7: Waist Straps

Construct waist strap. Cut two twenty three inch lengths of thick tube. Set two pairs of snaps into the end of each as illustrated. Attach the receiving two inch buckle to the end of one strip by pressing the rivets together with pliers or using snaps if you want. Loop the corresponding buckle onto the other strap. We'll make the butt strap attachment points in the next step.

Step 8: Butt Strap Attatchment Points

Cut two eleven inch strips of thin tube and rivet or snap as shown.

Step 9: Assemble the Whole Thing!!!!!!!

Heres a picture of how it all comes together. Wear your new harness for great play, and be sure to have safe sex. The tails can be trimmed once you've fitted it, or you can leave them long so that they will fit a range of body types.



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    28 Discussions

    Is there any pre treatment on the tubes?
    Cause you know tubes can be dirty and the dirt is not the fun one.

    Awesome DIY

    i'm so glad i found this. i have a friend who used to make these at a skillshare but alas she moved before i could get a lesson. cheers.

    Thank you! It feel super awesome and tight. really easy to do. It is little hard to adjust buckles, larger size buckles might fix that.

    Sweetness (=
    FYI, if you are using an awl or ice pick to punch the holes for your rivets, that could have something to do with the rubber tearing there. A better option would be to use a proper hole punch for the job.

    You can get a cheap set of hole punches from most tool stores, or make your own out of a piece of old brake line.

    A hole punch will cut a clean hole, where a solid object, no matter how sharp, tears its way through, creating areas of weakness around the hole. Once you start a tear in rubber, it just wants to keep tearing.

    Also, "rubber cement" from the crafts store, as advertised, works quite well on rubber- it can reinforce your riveted areas, or be used to add a lining if the hardware becomes uncomfortable.

    Finally, if you want to experiment with larger pieces of rubber for other... toys... some motorcycles (usually dirt bikes and cruisers with wire-spoke wheels) also use inner tubes... and these can be quite large and sturdy.

    1 reply

    Buy a cheap tire repair kit and use the cement from that. It will work much better. I've used rubber cement and a patch to repair a bike tube in a pinch, and while it worked, the patch didn't last. 

    I was reading this when my roomate read over the title over my shoulder and said "this guy is an idiot, you can't rappel with tha... nevermind." Now he's looking at me funny.

    2 replies

    I thought that for a minute to haha lol though that is what I was looking for though this is interesting haha.

    im_tux, I suppose if your fetish is exploiting fear of heights, then yes!

    Thanks for this Instructable. I made one for my wife, she loves it. I did a few things different. I didn't have any snaps or rivets, so I glues and sewed. It's a lot sturdier than I thought it would be. I have a few modification ideas I may try later.

    1 reply

    I'm glad that the my instructions helped you out. It makes me happy to see people using these instructions and modifying them. If you have improvements or pictures we can collaborate and put them into the instructable. enjoy

    Hey, thanks for the praise, I unfortunately don't know of any other tutorials about it. Enjoy.

    Nice! It's hard to find a good vegan harness. Is there any reason you can't use snaps around the O-ring so you can swap it out for different girths?

    1 reply

    I think that you may not have looked close enough. The harness I built does us snaps to hold the ring so that you can interchange it. Happy making.

    Tandy leather no. 1273-12 rivets. Since I made this though, I have been thinking that it would be best to sew the points where I previously used rivets. That part never has to come apart, and the rivets tend to pull through after heavy use. They don't have a big enough flange to really hold well. I would now suggest a needle and thread.

    good job on the instructable.. I would think the back of the rivits and snaps would be a little cold on the skin ? or might grab a little hair. Have you thought of a way to cover them? great recycling .. Do you armor-all the rubber or anything to seal it?

    1 reply

    Hey, I hadn't ever thought about covering the snaps or rivets because they always warm up quickly for me, and because I don't have any hair to speak of where they ride, but that's a good point. I wonder if a little bit of shoe goo around the backs of the snaps would do the trick. Do you have any ideas? I could add a note about it if we come up with something good. I haven't used armorall or anything to seal the rubber, but that might be a good idea too might even make the harness a little more shiny. I worry about something like that being reactive with skin, latex or silicon though. Thanks for the comment.