Apple Charging Station Using a Recycled IPad Box




Having a family of 6 with multiple iDevices (iTouch, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6) we needed a charging station that would be organized and simple to use. My son and I came up with the idea to recycle the iPad and iPhone boxes we had.

Enjoy and have fun building
Darryl & Benjamin

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Step 1: IPad Box Top

Using the box top of your iPad, cut holes into the box as shown in the picture. Cut as many hole as needed and that can fit. Once you have your holes cut, place it over the bottom box and use a pencil to draw line as guides to place your iPhone inserts to prevent the iPhones from sliding into box.

Step 2: IPad Box Bottom

Once you have drawn your lines on the bottom box, use the iPhone insert and cut them in half so they can be used to prevent devices from falling into box. Tape and/or glue the cut inserts into the the bottom of box as show in the picture.

Step 3: Cable Management

Using another iPhone insert, or any other ridged rectangular plastic, slice a slot at the back of the iPad box and insert the piece be sure to tape the insert into the inside of the box. Slide all the USB charging cables through the hole and plug them into a surge protector.

Step 4: Start Charging

Place you devices in the your new multi-device Apple charging Station. Make sure you have a good surge protector to protect your devices.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    OK, this was my first post to Had a bit of a time trying to get it right. I was using the iPhone app and i keep messing things up. I got it right now and the post is complete.

    My next projects will be for the iPads and iPhone nightstand alarm clocks for me and the wife.

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