Recycled Juggling Clubs

Introduction: Recycled Juggling Clubs

Ok, so their not completely recycled, more like 50% recycled.
But you probably already have most of the things that you need for these clubs.

This was kind of based off of the Green club project, so here's as link.

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

2- tennis balls
3- 16oz soda bottles
4.5 feet of 5/8 inch wooden dowel
3- 5/8 inch chair ends
3- metal screws

colored duct tape
electrical tape

Cordless drill
5/8 drill bit
9/64 drill bit
hack saw
Philips screw driver

Band saw (to cut the tennis balls)

You can usually find old tennis balls in trash cans at tennis courts and soda bottles in trash cans or recycling bins.

Step 2: Cut Everything in Half!

Usually, dowel will come in lengths of 3 feet, so you'll probably have to cut it down.
You'll need three pieces of 18 inch long dowel.
Also, cut both of the tennis balls in half using a hack saw or a band saw

Step 3: Drill Holes in Everything!

 First, take your 9/64 bit and drill a hole as deep as the dry wall screw is long in the top of each dowel.
Next drill a hole in the bottom of each soda bottle.
Then, drill a hole in the center of each tennis ball half.
Finally, using the 5/8 bit, drill a hole in the center of each bottle cap

Step 4: Assemble Everything!

 First, turn the tennis ball half inside-out.
Next, put the screw through the hole that you drilled.
Then, put that through the hole you drilled in the bottle
After that, put the dowel through the bottle and screw the screw into the hole at the end. Make sure that it's tight
Finally, turn the tennis ball half into the bottle and put the bottle cap back into the bottle by inserting it onto the dowel.

Step 5: Oops, Almost Forgot!

 Put the furniture end on the handle and your homemade juggling clubs are complete!

Step 6: Optional

 If you bought the duct tape and electrical tape, you can decorate your clubs!

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