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Here's a great craft inspired from this site:
We did this with our girls at summer camp.

Pop bottles in various sizes (clear bottles are best)
Window paint or acrylic paint (Wal-Mart had great colors starting at $.50)
Wire (medium gauge. not to stiff yet flexible)
Wire cutters
Paint brushes
Paper bowels or paper plates to put paint in.
Hole punch 
Battery operated tea lights

Everyone chose a bottle with the top already cut off.
Have girls squeeze colors of choice onto a paper plate and begin to paint their bottle.
We provided large cans of soapy water and old rags to clean brushes between color changes.
Once the bottles are painted, set them in a safe place to dry.
When the bottles are dry, each girl should choose 6 beads.
Cut the wire long enough to attach to bottle as a handle.
Punch a hole on sides of bottle.
Attach wire on one side of bottle, have girls slide beads on then attach the other end of wire to other side of bottle.
Adjust beads so there are 3 on each side of bottle.

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