Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls Into Super Easy Parrot Toy




Introduction: Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls Into Super Easy Parrot Toy

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Bird toys are expensive and Birds love destroying everything. Here are some helpful little toys to keep your feathered toddlers under control. I usually make these for my personal birds and sometimes I donate some to the local bird rescue. It's hard to keep buying the expensive toys and when you're short on cash this is a great alternative.

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Step 1: Supplies

Make sure you have:

-Toilet paper roll

-shredded paper


-treats. (peanuts, fruits, ect.)

Step 2: Stuff It

Just stuff the TP roll full of shreaded paper (and slip a treat inside if you have one.


Step 3: Let the Destruction Begin!

she loves to rip the papers our then destroy the roll.

side note: also, my African Grey(Zoey) is a rescue and she has a plucking habit. We have been working with her by rubbing medicated oil on her fatherless spots and vitamin supplements (all prescribed by the vet, in case anyone was curious I think its called sun oil? for birds).

Step 4: Recycled Toilet Paper Parrot Toy

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    4 years ago

    I know you posted this more than a year ago, but can't help but applaud you: For the great instructable, and for your rescue. Both say a lot about you, and boy, do you know your Grey! No matter what bird toy companies tell us, those of us with Greys know the most fun for the bird is absolute destruction of the toy - and ALL bird toys are expensive! This toy certainly satisfies their yen for destruction, without destroying my pocketbook. Your stuffing several toilet paper rolls with shredded paper, AND perhaps hiding treats in them (!) is a great way to keep them on hand. Strategically placing one or more roll into the cage at a time keeps things interesting for them, and may distract Zoey from plucking while she's ripping apart her paper rolls. My bird doesn't feather-pluck (thank God!), but he'll love these new toys, and may soon write you a thank you note, kkendrick1! I'm now going to check out your other bird-oriented instructables!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    you have a really pretty bird im gonna try to make this for mine too


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you!