Recycling Car Parts to Make a Personal Slave




Introduction: Recycling Car Parts to Make a Personal Slave

Well the title kind of says it all, i came across a few car parts (that you can find at any auto part retailer or junk yard)
With some commonly found machinery and some plywood, you can make yourself a simple but efficient slave

Here's what it looks like

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Step 1: Materials

Four 4 inch springs
multiple 1/4 in bolts (depending on how many restraints you want to add) 
1/2 in pvc pipe
2 Wiper motors
2 PVC flanges
4 servos
steel coat hanger (to move switches)
2 dual pole switches
3/4 in (any) wood 
1/4 in ply wood
timing belts

Step 2: Design

this is just the way i made it, you can make it in the form of a rover (with different wheel sizes)

I used electric hand saw to cut out triangular frames and 3 small 5 in wheels (each) and 1 large 8 in wheel (each)

I made the design on my computer in a program called blender, i created 3d meshes and rendered them in 2d 

here's how my blueprints look like

Step 3: Putting It All Together

well it's as easy as it seems, i attached the wiper motors to the flange connected to the big wheel

the places where you see the bolts at (excluding where wheels are) are where i put restraints for the timing belt (just bolts from one end to another covered by 1/2 in PVC pipe) 

I then made a frame for the servos to go on (between on each side) and connected the servos to switches with an aluminum bar 

on (center) top, I put another flat layer so your slave can carry the heavy equipment (i.e. tools, computer, yourself, etc...)

p.s. if you're really light weight, it can be used as a (sit down) segway  

Step 4: Controlling

I use EZ-Robot Bluetooth controller to control servos wirelessly but you can use any servo controller. The controller image shows how I assigned ports and the image after that shows the control buttons. The first command moves the servo to the given position and second command moves the servo back to another position. For example, the track servo is at 35* (stable) when you press the button, it moves to 70* (left) and when you stop pressing the button, it moves to 35*.

A + X = forward, B + Y = reverse, X + Y = left, A + B = right

p.s. I recommend you but yourself an ez-b, it's great for small to big projects

Step 5: The Final Product

Sorry you have to witness such horrible paint  job ( it wasn't me who painted it)

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