Recycling Leather - Pencil Case




Introduction: Recycling Leather - Pencil Case

Here´s the problem, my pencils are all over the drawer and organised badly. Focus is on the wrong things..Start sketching is nice when everything is in order.

This model looks little rough but it´s a conscious choice.

Leather is obvious choice to me because I have saved for later use pieces of good looking leather.

This project is easy weekend project. If you are going to do this project or you already have done your own stylish version. Let me know.


- Leather ( Brown: Undyed veg tan leather and black dyed)

- waxed thread


- cutting knife

- ruler

- Vise and clamps

- needles

- glue

- hammer

- stitching punch

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Step 1: Cut and Form

Tape pens to each other. Tip: Use ruler to help alignment

I made template using paper, but this isn´t really necessary. Cut the leather. Be sure that it is big enough. It will be cut at the right size later.

Soak leather in water for about 15 mins. After that you can form it.

I use the foam (water pipe insulation) to achieve the desired shape.

Set pencils on the plywood and place on top carefully leather, foam and piece of plywood. Use vise or/and clamps to get enough power. Let it try over night.

Next day, cut the leather to the right size. If you are going to dye your leather, let it dry.

Step 2: Backside, Flip and the Strap

Take a piece of leather and cut it correct size. Use pencils and already formed piece to help your measurements.

I didn´t take any pressure. Working with freehand was fine for me. Cut the strap and make ends thinner.

As you can see, i have very "advanced" methods for dying edges. Permanent marker will be good.

Prepare leather for sewing:

- Glue the strap, put little piece of leather undernieth strap first. This will help you to leave a gap for the flip. Remove after strap is glued.

- Punch holes

Step 3: Sewing and Finishing

Start sewing by placing the pieces side by side. I like to use baseball style stitch often in my projects. It´s very easy and good looking way to sew leather. In this case it´s my choice because it pulls the edges of leather together to form almost a flat surface.

Finish sewing with knots.

As you can see the flip is way too long. Now is the time to cut it to the correct format.

I rounded head slighty and finished with leather balsam.

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    2 years ago

    Its a flap.

    This makes a good phone case too hung on a belt which is what i will do with it. Thanks