Recycling Wire to Make Pendrive Dongles or Lanyards

Introduction: Recycling Wire to Make Pendrive Dongles or Lanyards

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Love to recycle and it will last 4ever.   I used an old wire harness for mine.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need some wire, solder, soldering iron, wire stripper, heat-shrink tubing, a heat gun or matches, and a pendrive

Step 2:

Cut wire to desired length and string through pendrive.   Short wire for dongle (around wrist) or lanyard (around neck).   I like the yellow and red wires.....pick your favorite color(s).

Step 3:

Cut a piece of heat-shrink tubing and slide over wire BEFORE stripping wire ends.  THEN strip the ends.

Step 4:

Make a lineman's splice as, illustrated by my crude drawing, with the two ends of stripped wire.

Step 5:

Solder the lineman's splice with a thin coating of solder.

Step 6:

Pull heat-shrink tubing over the splice and heat it up with heat gun or flame to lock into place.

Step 7:

Kick back, crack a cold one for a job well done

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