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Introduction: Red 3D Pen Silhouette

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Welcome to Yantrah's first instructable!

Last week we made this red 3D pen silhouette and thought we would share the template we used and let you know how we went about this.

Hope you have just as much fun as we did making this and the surprise item at the end!

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Step 1: Design a Template

We first started off by designing the silhouette template on grid paper. Grid paper took away the hassle of measuring things and made the design process easier. We kept a 2 box radius for all the borders of our design so that the silhouette would have a stable base. We have provided a copy of the template we used, otherwise get creative and make your own design! We kept the patterns on the template simple to make the silhouette pop.

Step 2: 3D Pen Time!

We have used red transparent PLA filament here for our 3D pen, but you could use any filament of your choice. We particularly like using transparent filament as we love how it glows in light.

Make sure you put a piece of clear film on top of your stencil so that you can later peel off your 3D pen work.

First we started off with the outer border using short strokes. We find this gives us better control. Once you have done the whole outer box, fill in the borders for the boxes in the design as well.

Next, trace the design. We don't have any tips as such for this, other than take your time!

Step 3: The Final Product!

Shine some light on the final product and see the cool reflections of your silhouette against various surfaces!

Step 4: Use the Same Template to Make a Rainbow Plate!

We used the same template to make a rainbow plate, that looks absolutely stunning in light. We used different colour transparent PLA filaments to keep working in from the outer borders in. We didn't have any indigo or violet so had to stop at blue, but still love how this turned out. Pop the plate over the torch from a phone and move the plate a little to see the light from the plate reflect off the's pretty magical!

Check out the video of the light reflections on our instagram!

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