Red Carpet Beauty: How to Get Celebrity Hair Color at Home

Introduction: Red Carpet Beauty: How to Get Celebrity Hair Color at Home

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Don't you love the rich hair color the stars have on the red carpet? You can this same rich, glamorous look at home too!


1. Pick a Color Close to Your Own Shade. Enhance your shade, don't go wild. In this video we are using Clairol Nice N' Easy Color Blend Foam. It is perfect because it is drip less and fool proof! Wear gloves and wear an old sweat shirt so you don't accidentally stain your nice clothing.

2. Pick the Right Formula. Choose a shade that is 2-3 times darker than your own color for a rich look.

3. Follow the Instructions. Mix formula 1 into formula 2 bottle, put cap back on and shake 3 (only 3!) times. Wait 30 seconds and then add foaming tip. Squeeze the foam from the bottle into your hand and apply to hair like you would a shampoo. Working from root to end in a circular motion. Wait 25 minutes for color to develop and then rinse. Add formula 3, the glossing conditioner, leave in for 3 minutes and rinse with cool water and style.

4. Makeup & Hair Accessories. Change your makeup slightly to work with your new hair color. Warner hair, warmer makeup, etc. Glam it up with jewelry and hairstyles and you are ready for your red carpet moment!

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