Hot and Spicy Red Chilli Garlic Sauce



-Red chilli garlic sauce is very easy to prepare and is very hot and spicy. it requires very few ingredients and prepared in 15 minutes.


-12 dry red chillies

-10 garlic cloves

- salt to taste

- pinch of sugar

- vinegar or lime juice

- cornflour (optional)

Step 1: Procedure:

-Soak red chillies in warm water for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Blending:

-Blend together red chillies,garlic cloves,pinch of sugar and salt .

-Blend by using water in which we soaked our red chillies.

Step 3: Final Step:

- Add lime juice or vinegar and store in container.
- Adding cornflour is optional .you can dissolve cornflour in little water and add to form thick consistency if your sauce is liquid like after blending. Mine was thick so i didnt use corn flour.



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