Red Devil Face Paint

Introduction: Red Devil Face Paint

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Make evil deals with anyone you know while wearing this fired-up red devil face paint!

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Step 1: Start With Red

To start, I began with red paint all over the face, leaving enough space around the eyes to fill in with black.

Step 2: Black Outlines

Next, I took some black and used it to outline some of the areas on the face, including under the nose, eyebrows and on the sides of the cheekbones.

Step 3: Black Shadow

I added a few more details with black, and then, I used a black eye shadow to deepen some of those outlines.

Step 4: More Black Features

Now, I completed my black features by added the color to my lips.

Step 5: White Highlights

Then, I completed the look with white face paint on a few areas, smudged in a bit to create highlights.

Step 6: Accessories

Finally, I finished off my look with a red "Devil Diva" wig, and, of course, this iconic horn headband.

Step 7: Dealin' With the Devil

Now, you're ready to steal some souls with this awesome red devil face paint. If you've noticed that throughout the entire scenario, I've made a few mistakes (putting the colors in the wrong places, adding one too many shades, etc.) However, that's okay, because what I've learned that the mistakes being made (in devil, zombie, or monster make-up) will actually make it look a lot more realistic. Therefore, you can create your own devil make-up however you want, based on your skill levels, and, most importantly, creativity.

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