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Red Dragon face paint! I LOVE DRAGONS!


I just wanted to thank everyone for all the amazing comments and support you have given me on here! I would also like to thank the few that have fallowed me on youtube! and PLEASE if you have no already could you subscribe? I would love that so much! If not, that's ok too! So long as you enjoy my work! LOVE YOU ALL! See you next time! <3 Mao. =^.^=

Step 1: Sketch

As always I took a white eyeliner and sketched it out.

Step 2: Face Base

taking a bright red, dark red, and orange I placed that add the base of my face. don't place any color on the eyes, eyebrows, or mouth.

Step 3: Eyebrows

I started the eyebrows off by filling them in with yellow.

Step 4: Starting the Eyes

starting the eyes I used white liquid eyeliner to fill in the shape I wanted. then I got black matte eyeshadow to deepen the eye sockets.

Step 5: Shadows and Details

using the matte black eyeshadow I started adding details. I added black to my eyebrows, I added black around my nose to give it depth and the appearance of being big, I gave myself angry expression, I gave myself wrinkles on my forehead, and I used the black shadow to give myself smile lines.

Step 6: Mouth

using black body paint I filled in my mouth leaving the teeth clear, then fill in the teeth with white.

Step 7: Going Back to the Eyes

I filled in the eyes with yellow, I thought it looked better.

Step 8: Gums

I used red to add some gums then outlined with black. I added a few more wrinkles.

Step 9: Last Face Details

I used orange for highlight points on my nose, then I used white eyeliner to make shine in the eyes, then using yellow and brown matte eyeshadow on the teeth, and black liner on the eyes to make a wing cat eye.

Step 10: Body

I used orange and red on my body and I made scales on the center of my chest.



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    3 years ago

    You continually post these amazing works and I am continually amazed. So again, a BIG thanks!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    You are awesome! Very talented...should try out for Face Off TV show!

    1 reply