Red Enemy (Ghost) Pac-Man Themed Booties




Introduction: Red Enemy (Ghost) Pac-Man Themed Booties

These Pac-Man themed Red Enemy Ghost Booties are all the rage! Popular foot attire for cribs, play dates, work, malls, proms and weddings! While I originally created these fabulous Enemy shoes for my baby, they can be made to fit any Pac-Man lovers foot!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Tools Needed:
Sewing machine

Supplies Needed:
Red Fabric
Blue Fabric
Canvas or Jean Fabric
Googly Eyes
Fusible interfacing
Safety Pin

Step 2: Make Shoe Sole

1. Trace foot on paper leaving about a 1/2 inch gap for seam allowance.

2. Cut out sole pattern this is the pattern for the right foot, flip pattern over for left foot.

3. Use pattern to cut:
1- right side canvas
1- left side canvas
1- right side blue fabric (for lining)
1- left side blue fabric (for lining)

4. Sew together canvas and blue fabric getting as close to the edge as possible. Good side of blue should be facing up and good side of canvas should be facing down.

Step 3: Make Pattern for Shoe Toe

I had to switch foot models, it was nap time. Hopefully you'll all still be able to follow ;)

1. Measure length from top of sole to top of foot where leg meets foot. Add 1/2 inch for seam allowance. This will be the length of the half oval (red enemy).  

2. Measure width from one side of the sole over the foot to other side of sole. Add 1/2 inch for seam allowance. This will be the straight line.

3. Cut straight line to taken measurement, measure up horizontally from the middle with first taken measuement and round out top of half circle as shown.

4. Then cut the straight line into a squiggly one. (for the bottom of your enemy)

5. Use pattern to cut:
4- red fabric
2- fusible interfacing

Step 4: Making Pattern for Shoe Heel

1. Measure cut back of models heel to desired height of shoe heel. Add 1 1/2 inches for seam allowance and spacing for elastic. This will be the height of pattern. 

2. Measure around base of sole pattern three quarters of the way up the shoe. This will be the measurement for the straight line.

3.  Cut out pattern for heel.

4. Use patten to cut:
4- blue fabric
2- fusible interfacing

Step 5: Sewing Shoe Toe

1. Use interfacing directions to fuse 1 toe piece of interfacing to back of 1 toe piece of red fabric. Repeat.

2. Put together the red side of fused toe fabric, with the good side of non-fused red toe fabric. Sew along squiggly line. Repeat.

3. Once sewn, turn right side out and iron flat. Sew along squiggly line again. Repeat.

4. Cut two parallel slits for elastic below the squiggly seam on NON-FUSED SIDE ONLY. Repeat.

Step 6: Sewing Heel

1. Fuse 1 heel piece of interfacing to 1 heel piece of blue fabric. Repeat.

2. Put together the blue side of fused heel fabric with the good side of non-fuse blue heel fabric. Sew along straight line. Repeat.

3. After sewing iron flat, fold over 1/2 inch and iron down. Sew along seam close to the edge as possible to leave hole for elastic. Repeat.

Step 7: Attach Toe & Heel to Sole

Almost done!!

1. With good side facing each other sew red enemy toe to sole.

2. With elastic hole facing up sew heel to sole, overlapping the toe at ends.

Step 8: Thread Elastic & Attach Googly Eyes

Seeing the light yet?

1. Attach safety pin to end of elastic, thread though hole in heel and parallel hold in toe.

2. Remove pin, pull elastic tight and sew ends of elastic together. Pull sewn elastic though one parallel hole to hide seam. 

3. Glue on googly eyes, or make eyes from black and white felt and sew them on.

Step 9: Test Drive

Slip these bad boys on and strut your stuff! These are definitely THE coolest Pac-Man themed booties around!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    The red ghost is known as "Blinky" or "Shadow".



    8 years ago on Introduction

    These are soooo cute!! Wish i still had a baby to make them for!!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It would be easy to adapt this to make lizards, ladybugs, or a variety of little characters. Very cute!