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Introduction: Red Gold Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

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Heres a look great for fall/autumn. Ideal for a night out or even if you aren't scared to be a bit more glamorous in the day. Hope you like it.

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Step 1:

First take a red shade and a large fluffy brush and apply this in the crease of your eyes making sure it is very blended.

Step 2:

Then with a chocolate brown shade with a smaller brush blend this into the crease to get the cut crease look. If you have hooded eyes apply this just above the natural crease as if you apply it in your natural crease when you open your eyes it will disappear.

Step 3:

With a gold shadow you are going to want to wet your brush and apply this to your lid and clean up the brown shadow if any of it came to far down. This is going to give you the perfect cut crease.

Step 4:

Then apply your liner making sure you take it right up to the red shade so that the full look can connect together.

Step 5:

Then apply your mascara and false lashes.

Step 6:

With the same red shade apply this to the lower lash line so the bottom lash doesn't look forgotten.

Step 7:

With a dark berry lip apply this to your lips and goes great with this look.

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    3 years ago

    The make-up is nice, but seriously, those eyebrows need attention