Red L.E.D. Strip Bedroom Lighting

Introduction: Red L.E.D. Strip Bedroom Lighting

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I wanted to give my room some cool lighting and this is how i decide to do it. I bought led strip lighting off ebay. it is fairly cheap. you can order it with a ac adapter to plug into the wall but since I was putting lighting behind my desk, night stand, and dresser I decieded to run them into a box and connect all the postive wires togethere and all the negative wire together. and then connect them to the battery for power.

pretty much all you need right here

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Step 1: Get Supplies and Tools

Red L.E.D. strip lighting 15 feet
12 volt battery or ac plug
red and black connector plugs
black project box

wire stippers
solder gun
electrical tape

Step 2: Assemble

This project was pretty easy to make. I cut the led strip to size of my dresser, desk and night stand. after that i decieded where I was gonna put my battery and made three sets of wires the apropriate length to reach the battery/black box. I solder these wires to the red led strips that i cut the right length. I added connector to the wires to fix in the box so that all the power and negatives are connected. i just unplug the battery wire as my switch to turn them off. The led strips come with the back sticky that stick right to the dresser and stuff. make sure to clean off where your putting the led strips.

Step 3: Closing

This was a fairly easy project to make. If i were to give any advice would be to make sure the surface of where you put your led light strip is cleaned off and dried so that they stick good. you could also use actual glue if you want them perminate. Don't mind my grammer.

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