Red Mites - Organic Poultry - 3 Solutions. Traitement Pou Rouge. Tratamiento De Los Ácaros Rojos

About: I live in a forest garden in an old Celtic longhouse in the Baie de Mont Saint Michel, France. I was born in the UK, the furthest possible you can get from the sea but in what was some of the most beautiful ...

My hens treat red mite like aperitif snacks but this time there were rather too many! Three ways to deal with red mite aka Dermanyssus gallinae that have always worked for me and you get to play with 2 elemental forces.
Mes poules traitent les poux rouges comme amuse-bouches, mais cette fois elles étaitent un peu trop gâtées!
Mis gallinas tratan ácaro rojo como aperitivo pero esta vez eran un poco demasiados para hacer frente!



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