Red Neck Watering Globe

I have never had a green thumb, however I found that using a watering globe really helped my plants stay alive even when I forgot to water them! The problem has always been re-filling the globes. They blown glass openings of the globes themselves are a hit and miss situation. Sometimes the openings are just NOT big enough and you waste more water and time trying to fill them. And lets not begin to speak of the countless globes I have broken off the tip of because they are so fragile!
So I decided to come up with a solution of my own. Hence the Red Neck watering globes!

All you need is:

Empty Beer or glass pop bottles
Spray paint
Stickers or decorations if you so choose
Wine Bottle corks
Masking Tape
Clear acrylic spray sealer

Start with empty clean bottles, stickers removed (You can soak and peel then use Goof-Off)
Tape off the neck of the bottle with the masking tape (so that you can see when the water is low)

Step 1:

Spray paint the bottle the color of your choice. (I even used a stone textured spray paint, and that one is my favorite!)
Once the paint is dry remove the tape carefully and apply any stickers, stenciling or decorations you choose.
Spray on an acrylic sealer to protect your "globe" from damage.

Step 2:

Take the wine cork and with a long drill bit drill a hole all the way through. ( You may want to experiment with how large you want the hole as this will determine the flow of water into your plants.

Step 3:

Now simply fill the bottle with water, cork and turn upside down into the dirt of your plant!
No more dead plants after vacation!

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your idea is best. I wonder how many days one container of water will last. The larger, the longer, obviously, bt how long?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like these because they are so much easier to refill. If the bottle has a screwtop lid, you can just drill a hole in it and not need the cork.

    1 reply

    Thanks! I love them...they are great to use and save the plants for when I forget to water them! Just be careful drilling the hole so its not to big:) ENJOY!