Red Rose Bracelets - 27 Cents




Introduction: Red Rose Bracelets - 27 Cents

What a pleasure it is to wear an expensive jewellery or to wear your own handmade jewellery !  When I am on to handmade, it has to be cheaper than what I can get equivalent in the market. So, the key is to get inexpensive or free materials. Here I make a Red Rose bracelet made up of felt and twist ties ..(yes.. You heard it right.. Twist ties..or bread ties). The cost ? 27 cents for the felt, which I used in half for this project. And twist ties... were free ! I found plenty in the Payless grocery section in a grass green color with my grocery purchase. So this is indeed a 27 cents bracelets.. believe it or not !

Red felt - 1 sheet
Twist ties - 11-13


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Step 1:

Step 1: Cut  eleven squares of 1.5 inch * 1.5 inch felt. We need to make rounded square in next step so lot of precision its not required here.. Hence its easy !

Step 2: Cut the corners of the square round, to make a rounded square. Make all 11 squares rounded.

Step 3: Draw a spiral on each rounded sqaure and cut it along the spiral.

Step 2:

Step 4: Take a twist or bread ties and make a loop for the first rose. This will serve the purpose of wearing the bracelet in the hand.

Step 5: Now you need to make a rose on twist tie. Take the looped tie and then place the starting corner of the cut felt in center of the twist tie and bend it. Now hold the corner of felt by your finger nails and stretch the felt a little. You should now see a straight edge and a curvy edge in the felt. Now start making the rose by encircling the felt by keeping the the straight edge on the previous straight edge.  ( This is similar to how would you put back the extra tape .. if you have pulled lots than you had required ! )

Step 6: Glue the last round and the circle in the felt and stick to the base of the rose. Your rose is ready with  the tie inside it. This makes it strong and simple to attach this rose any where.

Step 7: Make all eleven roses like this and keep the ready after drying a little for 5 min.

Step 3:

STEP 8: If you don't like the combination of color of the twist tie with that of the red felt you used, you can now pain all the ties with the acrylic color you want.

STEP 9: We need to now join all these roses to form a bracelet. Start with the looped rose tie and take another rose. Twist the ties such that they both join in a line and the twisted knot is between the two roses and not at bottom, so that it should not hurt you when you wear it.

STEP 10: Join all roses with knots hidden between them. Leave the last rose tie to get into the loop when you wear it.

STEP 11: You are now all set to flaunt your red bracelet by tie-ing the last twist tie into the loop.

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