Red Vampiress Face Paint

Introduction: Red Vampiress Face Paint

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This blood curdling face paint will definitely be love at first bite!

Step 1: Impalement

I began with the impalement part of the face, by using an all-over application of a nude color paint. Notice that I left the curved bump on top blank. This is because I wanted to cover that with a wig, which you will get to see in a few moments.

Step 2: White Highlights

Next, I took some white to the top and bottom corners of my eyes, and the bridge of my nose for highlights.

Step 3: Shadow

Then, I added several layers of purple and burnt red face paint, along with the same colors of eye shadow (from Wet N Wild and E.L.F.) to make the eyes pop out. Then, I put those same colors on the cheeks for some depth. When blending, make sure that you don't do too much of it, otherwise it will look bruised.

Step 4: Black Features

Now, it's time for the black part. I used this color for making the angry eyebrows, outlining my eyes, coloring in the lips, and outlining the fangs on the corners of my bottom lip.

Step 5: Blood!

Now, the best part: blood! For this one, I used red paint and make a dribble effect going down my chin. Then, to cap it off, I used blood drop jewels on the blood dribbles for a nice glamorous touch!

Step 6: Add a Wig

Finally, to finish off, I threw on this beautiful red and black wig that I bought from the Dollar store!

Step 7: Eat Your Heart Out!

Now, get ready to suck blood in style!

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