Red Vinyl Frabjous





Introduction: Red Vinyl Frabjous

I decided to try making a Frabjous, a sculpture designed by George Hart. I first learned about it through Grymee's wonderfully helpful instructable:
I cut the 30 pieces out of a sheet of red vinyl, and after spending many frustrating hours assembling them, I'm quite happy with how the Frabjous came out.



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    I found it at a specialty plastics store. If you're anywhere near New York, Canal Street is a great place to go for plastics. Otherwise you could try a big hardware or crafts store, or the internet. I don't remember which thickness I got, might have been 1/16".

    Wow that looks fantastic! Awesome job! Hope it wasn't too frustrating putting it together

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    Thanks! Putting it together was... an interesting experience. I'm glad I did it.