Red Whit and Blue Angel Food

Introduction: Red Whit and Blue Angel Food

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This is perfect for any summer cookout. It's the perfect refreshing dessert you need to top off a full belly of ribs or burgers or whatever you make for your cookout! It's also patriotic if you plan on having a red white and blue party, I'm making them for our cookout for Memorial Day! I love the colors and also a cute plate presentation if your into that!

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Step 1: Cut Your Fruit

I used garden fresh berries from my garden. If you are using fresh from the garden, wash well and let chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. If your using frozen fruit just place in a bowl and set aside to thaw. After chilling cut the fruit and add 1 cup of sugar cover and set aside. I usually make a large bowl for the one cup of sugar..

Step 2: Uncover and Stir

Stir so the sugar and fruit and it will create a thin syrup that will soak into the angel food cake when put on. Continue to sit and stir until all of sugar has completely dissolved. You may add sugar if you are making more for lots of people, I just eyeball it after the first cup. Again if you add to it just continue to stir until sugar dissolves

Step 3: Last Step Eat and Enjoy

Plate your angel food cake and spoon out fruit and syrup onto angel food... For pretty plate presentation drizzle some on plate too and top with whipped cream and strawberry and a blueberry. It literally melts in your mouth! Enjoy!

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