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This is a great game that anyone can play (except deaf and visually impaired)
The main idea behind the game is to look-out for a certain type of car then shout the type/colour of the car.
After you have spotted and called the car you all the other contestants have to shout the same type/colour, the last person to spot the car, is the loser.

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Step 1: Aquiring Players

First of all you need to get some players. You need 3 or more people to play this game and because you will mostly play this in a car just keep asking until everyone wants to play (peer-pressure works well here)

Step 2: Choose Your Car Make or Car Colour

The aim of the game is to spot car makes or colors and then shout it out, To do this you need to first choose a make or colour, you need to choose a make/colour that is not common but not so rare that you don't see it at all.
There are alot of silver/black/dark coloured cars on the road so if you are playing by colour choose a colour like Red or Yellow

If you want the game to be more challenging you can try car makes , like Toyota, BMW or Honda. Again some of these makes are very common so look out your window and note any cars you don't see very often and choose that brand, (popularity of makes differs within regions)

Step 3: Car Spotting

Now you can play the game !
Now with you friends decide weather the car can be anywhere (e.g. driveways , side streets behind) or weather it has to be on the same road as you.

Now keep your eyes peeled and search for the chosen car make/colour.
Once spotted you have to react fast and shout out the colour of the car or the make of the car, you have to do this before anyone else spots it and beats you, now all the other players have to react even faster and shout the same thing you did, the last person to shout or to finish shouting is the looser.

Step 4: Winning and Losing

The game is a reaction game and the person who is slowest is the looser.
You can keep playing the game until you reach your destination but if it is a long trip you need to use a points system.

System 1 : The last person to shout out the car's make/colour gets punched in the arm by all the other players.

System 2 : Everybody has 5 lives, if they are the last to shout out the car's make/colour then they loose a life. The last person "alive" is the winner

System 3 : Round and points, There at 10 cars to spot, every time a car is called out everyone apart from the looser gets 1 point, after 10 cars the person with the most points wins, if there is a tie in the points the one of the loosing players becomes a referee and the 2 players have tosopt as many cars as they can within a set time limit (e.g. 1 min ), the winner then obviously wins...

Step 5: The End

That the end,
Not particularly complicated but then that's the beauty of it :D

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Thanks , =SMART=

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    in the US there's a variation on this (although usually more violent)... it's generally referred to as "punch buggy " or "Slug bug"...the basic idea of "slug bug" is to punch the closest person to you in the arm every time you see a VW beetle (in most circles the new style beetle is off limits)...the punch buggy variant requires the selection of a predefined "punch color" where you can only punch the other person if you see a beetle of that color at which point the punchee can make a challenge if it's an ambiguous color ("that one was dark blue not black) and if successful in their challenge gets 2 retribution punches on the offender

    3 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    they way i play is that when you say "punch buggy" ,than the color of the bug you saw, so you can play with all colors of the car


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hehe. My mom and I play this game. It's bad though, because I drive a MINI, so whenever I'm about to get in my car, I call her and yell "MINI!!!" Nice.