Red Light Modification for Car Map Lighting





Introduction: Red Light Modification for Car Map Lighting

A cheap way to have a red light option for one of your map lights in your car without replacing the light bulbs.
Go buy some red Tail Light Repair tape at the local Mart type store or automotive store.
I know, this is to easy, but it is much more practical than finding red replacement bulbs for your car or painting the existing bulbs.

Step 1: Remove Light Cover/lens and Add Tail Light Repair Tape to Backside

Remove light cover/lens and add tail light repair tape to backside

Step 2: Reinstall Light Cover/lens

Reinstall light cover/lens. Now you have red and white light options. FYI: When reading a civilian map with the red light, red lines or words may not show up.



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    I want to have all red led night lights in my bathrooms and hallway, so the kids can see to go to the bathroom at night. I read that green and blue light effects your melatonin levels and interrupts your sleep. Well, we already have green and blue led lights all over. One company (and only one that I could find) sells red led nightlights... well they sell 3 color nightlights that you can set to just red. I don't want to have to spend all that $. (Two bathrooms, plus kids rooms and hallway they have to go through to get to bath room) so I am going to try the tape idea. The led build in the nightlights I have are recessed into the plastic and easy to tape over. Great idea!
    And for those of you who are on the computer and mobile phones a lot at night, there are programs you can download to "warm up" your screen at night so not to deplete your melatonin. One is called F.lux, but I haven't tried it yet. To use that one you must be jail broken/ rooted.. Not sure with other ones. I spend most of my time on the pc/ phone at night because it is the only time I have to myself! It is hard on the eyes.

    I went to the local truck stop to get the materials to do this to the map light on my plane because the red light won't kill my night-vision. However, while there, I found out that the tape would cost me $5.99 where the red bulb was only $0.50. Although this is a great idea, changing the bulb cost me less than 1/10th as much as the tape. Also, as far as airplanes and the FAA are concerned, the colored bulb is acceptable under FAA regulations whereas the tape would be considered an unauthorized modification and would ground my plane until it was removed. Gotta love those government regulations.

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    ya i always keep some on hand in my tool boxes though, the cops just look for a reason to pull over a car like mine on someone on an old cruiser bike,

    Truck Stop = Mark Up. :)
    Yeah, I am not a pilot, but I would not put anything in a plane that wasn't certified by the FAA. :)
    The roll of tape will convert a LOT of lights to red. I could not find replacement bulbs in red for my import car. I would love to convert everything to LEDs, but it probably isn't worth the cost. I have also seen green lights in cockpits of military aircraft. Any idea what that is about? Night-vision equipment? I'm guessing it is the same as red light when helping retain natural night-vision?

    There are some things the FAA is better off not knowing.

    True story. A teacher of mine when I was in school was telling about an incident that happened when he and some friends were flying. The oil light or some thing like that, (it's been twenty five years since I heard the story) when on while they were flying between LA and Denver. They landed and pulled out the oil pump. It was broken.  They were at a strip in the middle of no where and would have to have waited a few days for a new pump to come in. So they took the old pump down to the local auto parts store and showed it to the clerk and asked him if he had anything like it. He took it in the back and in a few minutes came back with a new pump exactly like it.. 

    As they were paying for it, the clerk asked them what it was out of. They told him he didn't want to know, took the new pump and made their way back to the air strip. They installed the pump in the plane, took off and continued with their trip. 

    Green is for night vision assisted flying a red light will either cause bloom or washout in a night vision scope and this few seconds of not being able to see any thing or can lead to serious problems when your flying at hundreds or thousands of miles and hour....

    The only green in cockpits I've seen is for indicators not lighting. Now i've never flown a night flight though. Not rated for it yet but it's probably some transport Canada/FAA regulation. I'll check my books about it.

    The red light doesn't affect your night vision, to try it just put a red light bulb in your bathroom or your bedroom and in the dark turn the red light on, you'll notice right away you can see every thing but your eyes don't hurt, now turn it off and you can still see like you did when it was dark, now turn on a white light, and notice how your eyes want to close and they kinda hurt briefly, now turn it off and try not to break your pinky toe while you stumble around like a fool in the dark looking for your bed.....

    I think the red light produces less glare on the windscreen, as well as less strain on the eyes. L

    I never understood why drivers never liked having the light on when they're driving, my mother yells at me when I turn the light on in the car. Is it harder to see or something?

    It isn't. I just mentioned it to be aware of the fact that things printed in red when viewed with a red light don't show up very well.

    Just a guess, but in the dark red light is easier on the eyes, and it doesn't take so long for your eyes to adjust to or from it.