Red Neck Sled





Introduction: Red Neck Sled

What do you do after a snow storm ? with two year old twins and no sled, Well you think do i drive to walmart and spend $50 on a plastic thing, you know will break in a few days,!! or you go into the shed with the broken wheel barrow you know you'll not fix and few pieces of lumber from the deck you built in the summer. Two hours later you come out with the sled that cost you $3 for a few screws and the electricity for the mitre saw use......well this was my first instructable so sorry if its bit wishy washy, my next will be full step by step, thanks



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    Darn! I sure hope you re-make this project with documentation so it can be replicated!

    The Holiday Gift Challenge is open until the 28th (I think) and this is just fabulous!!!

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    P.S. All you need to do is build another one and add pictures of the building process. You can still use all of these pictures, too!

    Replace the boards by an old pair of ski's and your kids will have the coolest sled of the country.
    Like the idea, well done!

    Sorry i didn't take any while i was building but will add some close ups of the timber attachments you asked for, thanks

    Did you take any pictures while you were building it? I would love to see where you mounted the wood to the wheel barrow.