Red Pepper, Cheese and Beef Samossas

Introduction: Red Pepper, Cheese and Beef Samossas

Samossas are realy easy to make and it's not expensive .

I tried this recipe just for the contest .

I spent less than one hour to make 12 samossas.

If you don't like pepper, beef or cheese you can replace it by what you want  : salty or sweet . 

You can easly find the ingrédients at the supermarket . 

Step 1: Ingrédients

- 6 brick pastry sheets
- 1 red pepper (peel it and cut into small dice)
- Cooked ground beef (100 grammes)
- Cheese (40 grammes : cut into small dice or grate it)
- 1 egg
- Chive and garlic (peel the garnic and dice finely garlic and chive)
- salt
- pepper

Step 2: Step 1

Mix all the ingrédients, except brick pastry sheets.

Step 3: Step 2

Handle sheets with care!
Cut one sheet in half.

Step 4: Step 3

Fold the top of the half sheet .

Put a bit of mix at the left end of the sheet.

Follow the folding on pictures step by step to obtain a "triangle".

Repeat the process.

Step 5: Step 4

Fry the samossas in vegetable oil.

Keep an eye on it, should be just toasty.

Step 6: Finally...

Enjoy it : hot or cold, alone or with friends! =)

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